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We are a digital marketing agency built for the now. We believe in creating meaningful relationships and rich experiences with a clear focus on the customer.

We founded Exordia Creative in 2017 with a goal of helping brands create relationships and engage their customers on social media. Over the years, we’ve grown, learned a ton, and made lifelong connections with great people. We’ve expanded our services, and worked with clients from small businesses to multinational corporations. Times change, but our core beliefs haven’t. Whether local or global, we’re committed to helping brands scale their presence and foster genuine relationships with the people who matter most.

Quentin Solomon

Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Quentin oversees key client relationships while pursuing new development opportunities. With a passion for making connections, Quentin cultivates value-oriented partnerships with people, communities, and brands.


Jared Lund

Strategy & Operations

As Director of Strategy and Operations, Jared builds teams and systems with a focus on strategic planning. Jared leads with an emphasis on scalable growth and data-driven solutions.

Jared Headshot Edited.png

Celene Ceccacci

Web Design

& Social Media Management

As Web Designer & Social Media Manager, Celene creates rich, engaging digital experiences across web and social spaces.